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Bay Area Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Organizer
“Lisa helped me get rid of things from my past and find new things to compliment the things that still worked. She was honest, and her incredibly good taste and no-nonsense approach..." Read More


"Thanks, Lisa, for making my closet a happy place again..." Read More
“She found items and outfits for me that I would never have picked for myself; for which I get compliments every time I wear them..." Read More
“She made it so easy for me to peacefully part with so many items in my closet that I hadn't worn for years but kept hanging onto..." Read More
“Lisa didn’t just help me organize my closet, she changed my life!
“I’m a believer in this service, and recommend it for a gal in need of a transformation..." Read More
“Lisa helped me put together outfits that I never would have thought of before. She recognized my style very quickly and gave me great ideas..." Read More
“Having an expert on hand to assist me with this daunting task took it to a whole new level..." Read More
Read about Lisa in The Benicia Magazine
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